Patients' rights

Patient privacy policy

From 25 May 2018, the EU has tightened up requirements for how we use and process your personal data. In future, we are obliged to inform you of how we process your personal data, what we use it for and your rights in this context. The new rules have been adopted to enhance your protection. 

At Private Hospital Molholm, we have always treated your personal data with care, this is not new to us and we will continue to do so.




There are several ways to attend Private Hospital Molholm 

  As a patient covered by insurance 

  As a publicly-referred patient / guaranteed patient

  As a privately-funded patient  



Patient covered by insurance

Do you have private healthcare cover?

If you have private healthcare cover, you may have access to early examination and treatment at Private Hospital Molholm on prior agreement with your insurance provider.

Private Hospital Molholm collaborates with just about every Danish insurance provider and a wide range of international insurance providers. In other words, if you have private healthcare cover, you have access to early treatment by some of Denmark's best-qualified specialist medical practitioners.

How to proceed?

You must contact your insurance provider and receive their approval before you can make an appointment with us. Once your insurance provider has provided its approval, you may call us to make an appointment with one of our specialist medical practitioners. Feel free to contact us, if you want to learn more about your options.


Publicly-referred patient / guaranteed patient

Patients'  rights

As a patient, you are conferred certain rights by the Danish Health Act. By way of example, "the extended, free choice of hospitals" means that you have the right to be referred to Private Hospital Molholm, if you cannot be examined and treated at a public hospital within 30 days. Learn more about patients' rights at

If you wish to be referred to Private Hospital Molholm, please contact the patient counsellor at the hospital, at which you are on the waiting list. 


To receive answers to general questions and to receive information on your options to use the extended, free choice of hospitals, please contact the patient counsellor at your region of domicile, the patient counsellor of our professional association or explore the website

Referral back to the Region 

If the assessment is that it is not expedient to undertake your examination and treatment at Private Hospital Molholm, you always have the option of being referred back to the Region. 


Privately-funded patient

If you choose to pay for examination and treatment at Private Hospital Molholm, this is an option for certain treatments.

A referral from your general medical practitioner or a hospital is not required, if you choose to pay for your treatment yourself. 

Please feel free to contact Private Hospital Molholm on +45 87 20 30 40 to make an appointment to discuss your treatment. You will then receive a written appointment letter for your preliminary examination, practical information and terms of payment.


Favourable and critical comments

It is our goal to ensure that you, the patient at Private Hospital Molholm, feel satisfied and secure about your treatment. We do our utmost to achieve this.


If, however, you feel that we do not live up to our goal or your expectations, we would be grateful if you would let us know. Either because it was a really good experience and you would like to share that with us, or because you feel we can do better - we would very much like to hear from you.

Write to us at: (praise)    or (complaints)

Feel free to also call us at tel +45 87 20 30 40.


We would like to improve, also at what we already do well - so thank you for your comments!  


Patient complaints

If you wish to make a complaint about the professional treatment or any infringement of your patients' rights, we would be pleased to assist you.
You may also contact the Danish Agency For Patient Complaints.



All patients are covered by a financial compensation scheme for injuries arising in connection with hospital treatment. This scheme also covers you, if you have been injured in connection with treatment received at a private hospital. It is the responsibility of the Patient Compensation Authority to ensure that patients receive the compensation to which they are legally entitled. 
Find more information on the website of the Patient Compensation Authority:


Accidental incidents

Every day, many people are in touch with the Danish healthcare system. In far the majority of cases, everything goes smoothly, however, occasionally accidental incidents or errors occur. To allow us to learn from these and to avoid these in future, you - the patient or next of kin - have the option to report accidental incidents to the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

You find links for information and the report form on the website:

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