DEXA scan / osteoporosis

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Do you want to be examined for osteoporosis?


Have a DEXA scan of your bone quality.
The examination takes about 15 minutes and is completely painless.
Evaluation and response by a specialist medical practitioner.
Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is estimated to affect every third woman and every eighth man over the age of 50. The disease has no visible outer symptoms but weakens the bones from within. The result is "porous" and weak bones that are so decalcified and brittle that they break easily. Hence the name brittle-bone disease.
A DEXA scan is the most suitable examination for the assessment of bone quality. The calcium contents of the bones is determined and referred to as bone mineral density. During the examination your back and hips are scanned.
If osteoporosis is ascertained or if a risk of developing it is detected, a more detailed medical examination is recommended.
The radiation dose used in a DEXA scan is much lower than that of a regular X-ray examination.
We carry out all DEXA scans using the latest model from Hologic, the world leader in bone scanners.


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Specialists and practitioners
Jette Vium Magni
Jette Vium Magni
Medical Secretary, DEXA Scanner Operator
Hanne Dinesen
Hanne Dinesen
Surgical Nurse

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