Mogens Bach Pedersen

Mogens Bach Pedersen

Head of Department, M.D, Specialist in General, Spine Surgery

Curriculum vitae

Born 25`th january 1957



Danish, english, german and italian



1993- current Chief of the clinic for Spine Surgery, Moelholm private hospital

1993-2003 Consultant , section of neurosurgery and spinesurgery, Unicersity hospital Odense. Mentoring junior doctors and medical student and teaching medical students.

1993: Specialist registrar , neurosurgery and spine surgery

1988 - 1990:  Consultant , section of neurosurgery ,  spinesurgery and neurology, Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen

1986 - 1988: Consultant, neurosurgery and spine section,  Århus University hospital

1983 - 1986: Consultant,  Odense Universitetshospital , section of neurosurgery, intern medicine, gastroenterology and plasticsurgery.

1982: Medical degree, Odense Universityhospital



  • Subspecialefunction in spinesurgery since 1995
  • Microscopic surgery performed since 2005
  • Endoscopic spinesurgery perfomed since 2014.

Operations performed at SpineCenter Molholm the last 5 years:

  • Lumbar herniated disc >500
  • Lumbal herniated disc endoscopic >125
  • Anterior Cervicalfusion > 500
  • Lumbal decompression >275


Neuro- and spine surgeon Mogens Bach Pedersen has founded the SpineCenter at private Hospital Moelholm in 1993. In the first ten  years  Dr. Bach worked  here parttime  and also as fulltime Consultant  at the neuro – and spinesection, University hospital Odense. At that time he has special interests in neurointensiv and neurotrauma care. He  worked parallel in the Danish Airforce and trained younger doctors in  neurointensive and neurotrauma diseases. From 2003 Dr. Bach  has been working fulltime at Private hospital Moelholm.  Dr. Bach  has the last ten years   two spinesurgeons  employed parttime in his clinic, both doctors has been working together with dr. Bach at University hospital Odense.

Since 2005 dr. Bach has perfomed all spineoperations with microscopic surgery, both  in the lumbar spine and in the cervical spine. In 2014 he introduced the endoscopic technique too.



1975   College Mathematics/ physichs , Sct. Knuds gymnasium, Odense

1982   Medical degree, Odense University, SDU

1993   Consultant, Neuro- and spinesurgery

1993   Head of Spinesection, Moelholm private hospital



2018, sept., Guestspeaker på ISMISS, Internatioal Society for minimal interaction in spinal surgery, Course for percutaneous endoscopic spinal surgery, Homburg-Saar, Germany
2018, Sept., NASS, North American spine Society, Annual meeting, Los Angeles
2018, Juni, Guestspaker Karl Storz Master spine camp, Berlin
2017, Nov-Dec CSRS, Cervical spine research society, annual meeting, Florida
2017, Okt. NASS, North Amercian Spine Society, Annual meeting, Orlando, Florida
2017, Juli, North American Spine society, NASS, Summer Spine Meeting, San Diego.
2017, Januar, NASS, annual meeting, Chicago.
2016, December, CSRS, Cervical spine research society, Instructional course and Annual meeting, Toronto
2016, Oktober NASS, North America soine society, Annual meeting, Boston.
2016, September, co-work with Karl Storz, development of endoscopic surgical equipment, business conference, medicotecnique , Germany
2016, September,  virksomhedsbesøg Karl Zeiss, Tyskland,
2016, Maj  Cervical spine research society, Minimal invasive cervical surgery, St Louis, USA.
2015, 3.-5. dec, Cervical spine research society, Annual meeting, San Diego, Californien.
2015, 4.-6. nov., SMISS, Global forum, Minimal invasive spine, Las Vegas, USA.
2015, 14.-17. okt., Annual meeting, North America spine society, Chicago, USA.
2015, 5.-7. okt., Percutaneus endoscopic surgery of the lumbar and thoracic spine, STORZ, Tubingen, Tyskland.
2015, Maj, North American spine society, Chicago, USA.
2015, Maj, Congresso Nationale, Societa vertebrale, Roma, IT.
2015, April, Advanced instructional course cervical surgery . St Louis, Missouri, USA.
2014, December, 42. Annual meeting, Cervical Spine Research Society, Orlando, Fl., USA.
2014, November, Annual meeting. Pre-course, NASS, San Fransisco, Cal, USA.
2014, Oktober, DEXA-scanning, Hologic, Bruxelles
2014, September, Endoscopic techniques lumbar spine hands-on, University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado, USA
2014, Juli,. Summer Spine Meeting, NASS. Amelia Island, Fl, USA
2014, Maj, Spinal injection, North American spine Society, Chicago, ILL.
2014, Marts, Minimal invasive surgery, NASS, St Louis University, Missouri, USA
2014, Februar, Cervical spine decompressions and stabilization techniques, CSRS, St Louis University, Missouri, USA.
2013, December. Los Angeles, USA. Cervical Spine Research Society. Instructional course and annual meeting.
2013, Oktober. North America Spine Society, New Orleans, USA, Annual meeting.
2013, August. Florida, USA, Summermeeting.
2013, September. Meppen, Tyskland. Endoscopic course.
2013, April. Frankfurt, Endoscopic Course, Spine,
2013, Februar. Salt Lake City, USA, North America Spine Society, Wintermeeting.
2012, December. Cervical Spine Research Society, Annual meeting.
2012, Oktober. North America Spine Society, Dallas, USA, 27. Annual meeting.
2012, Juni. Medtronic Endoscopic course.
2012, Februar. North America Spine Society, Wintermeeting.
2011, December. Scottsdale, USA, Cervical Spine Research Society, annual meeting & instructional course.
2011, November. Chicago, USA , North America Spine Society, annual meeting.
2011, September. Køln, Tyskland.
2011, Juni. Munchen. AO-Spine.
2011, Juni. Luzern. Schweiz. AO-Spine.
2011, Maj. Chicago, USA, North America Spine Society Annual meeting.
2011, Marts. St. Louis, USA, CSRS.
2011, Januar. St. Louis, USA, Cercival Spine Research Society.
2010, December. North Carolina, USA, Cervical Spine Research Society, Instructional course.
2010, December. North Carolina , USA, Cervical Spine Research Society, annual meeting.
2010, Oktober, Orlando, Florida, North American spine society, NASS, 25. annual meeting.
2010, September. Munchen, Ludwig- Maximilians Universitet & Ortopedic Clinic Munich-Harlaching. Spinal microsurgery, Anterior approches to the thoracic and lumbar spine.
2010, Februar. Ludwig-Maximilians Universitet & Ortopedic Clinic Munich-Harlaching.Spinal microsurgery, Anterior approaches to the craniocervical junction and cervical spine.
2009, november, San Fransisco, North American spine society, NASS, 24. annual meeting.
2009, april, Puerto Rico, North American spine society, NASS Spring break
2009, marts, Munchen, spinal microsurgery 11, posterior approches to the lumbar spine.
2008, oktober, Toronto, Canada, North American spine society, NASS, 23. annual meeting.
2008, oktober, Munchen, spinal microsurgery 10, posterior approches to the cervical spine and craniocervical junction.
2008, maj, Geneve, Schweiz, spine week.
2008, februar, Munchen, Spinal Microsurgery 9, principles of spinal microsurgery.
2008, oktober: North America Spine Society, 23. annual meeting, Toronto, Canada.
2008, maj: SpineWeek, Geneve, Schweiz.
2008, januar: Cervical Spine Research Society, minimal invasive surgery, hands-on-course, Missouri.
2007, december: University of Cornell, New York, minimal invasive surgery.
2007, oktober: North American Spine Society, 22. annual meeting.
2007, oktober: München, Spinal Microsurgery 8, "Anterior Approaches to the Craniocervical Junction and Cervical Spine" will take place at the Institute of Anatomy, Ludwig-Maximilians-University and the Orthocenter Munich.
2007, maj: München, " AO SPINE New Concepts in Spine surgery and Navigation". Murnau/Feldkirchen.
2006, marts: "Spinal Microsurgery 5. anterior approaches to the Craniocervical junction and upper cervical spine, hands on course". München.
2006, marts: Springbreak NASS, San Diego, USA.
2005, december: Kongres San Diego, Californien, USA, Cervical Spine Research Society.
2005, oktober: Kongres, North American Spine Society, Philadelphia. Congress.
2005, september: Eurospine, Barcelona. European congress for spinesurgeons.
2005, april: Seminar, Florida. Research and treatments of lumbar spinedisease.
2004, december: Kongres, North American Spine Society, Boston.
2004, oktober: Kongres, North American Spine Society, Chicago. Congress for American spinesurgeons.
2004, august: Texas Back Institute, Texas. Performed spinesurgery in co-work with American collegues.
2004, august: Oklahoma Spine Hospital Perfored spinesurgery in co-work with american collegues.
2002, Euroneuro (Tyskland).
2000, EuroNeuro (Belgien).
1998, EuroNeuro ( Belgien).
2001, WFNS (Australia) with presentation of columnadiseases..
1997, WFNS (Holland).
1993, WFNS (Mexico).



Since 2008 North American Spine Society, NASS

Since 1988 Dansk Neurokirurgisk selskab

Since 1988 Dansk Neurologisk selskab

Since 1996 Dansk Rygkirurgisk selskab

Since 1994 Dansk selskab for intensiv terapi

Since 1998 AO Spine, International organization



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