Health check UK
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Health check UK

Dear patient


Hereby information about our health check.

The health check will include various blood samples, amongst them an extensive investigation of fat levels in the blood.

The result of this test can be used to evaluate your level of risk of cardiovascular disease.

The health check will take about 1½ hours and amongst other things will include a cardiogram, checks on your physical condition and heart using an exercise bike, a lung function test and an extensive medical examination.


A complete report with the test results will be sent to you. It will also include advice in relation to any abnormal findings, and recommendations for improving your health.


Naturally the results of the health check will be confidential and will only be communicated to you. 


The price of the health check is 6400 dkr.


If your have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.


Best regards,

Medicinsk Klinik
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