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As the first private hospital in Denmark the private hospital Mølholm now offers classic neurosurgical treatment.

The specialty is offered in: Vejle
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Welcome to the cranio-surgical clinic

This includes:
Diagnosing, examination and treatment of normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)
Second opinion on neurosurgical diseases as for instance newly diagnosed tumors or other structural changes in the brain.


Furthermore, we offer:
Treatment of overactive muscles caused by the disease dystonia or spasticity with ultrasound guided botulinum toxin injections.
Treatment of spasticity and dystonia with botulinum toxin

Normal pressure hydrocephalus is a condition that appears more often with increasing age. The disease is characterized by gait disorders, urination problems and increasing memory problems.

The reason for the disease is unknown and the diagnosis is made by the characteristic symptoms together with an MRI of the brain, which shows enlarged fluid filled cavities. The treatment can limit the development of the disease. After a thorough diagnosing and clinical examination to rule out other diseases, treatment with the surgical insertion of a shunt – a tube going from the fluid filled cavities of the brain to the stomach – can take place.

At Mølholm we offer diagnosing and treatment of the disease on the highest specialist level.


The movement disorder dystonia and spasticity after a stroke, for instance, can cause overactivity in the muscles. This can be disabling with painful and disturbing muscle cramps/spasms in fingers, the lower arms or the neck among others. It can also show as a misalignment of the head or as tremors.

Treatment are symptom-relieving injections of botulinum toxin in the affected muscles. The treatment is repeated every 8.-12. week.


At Mølholm we offer examining, diagnosing and treatment of dystonia and spasticity on the highest specialist level. Injections are made guided by ultrasound to ensure the highest possible precision. We can offer both first time diagnosing and treatment and the additional treatments.


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