Non-EU patients

If you are a non-EU patient considering surgery/invasive procedure at Private Hospital Molholm in Denmark please be aware of the following:


All non-EU patients need to sign a declaration which will be sent along with the invitation letter prior to any surgery/invasive procedure.

Please read the declaration here:

Patients Compensation Insurance
Privathospitalet Mølholm P/S has established the statutory Patients Compensation Insurance pursuant to Danish Law. A certificate of insurance can be delivered on request.
As a precondition for being accepted as a patient and receiving treatment at Privathospitalet Mølholm P/S you are required to declare (by signing this document) that you accept, that your right to compensation in case of bodily injury arising from the medical treatment and/or your stay at the hospital is regulated and restricted to compensation afforded by Danish Law, and that you will not make any claim for malpractice or otherwise against Privathospitalet Mølholm P/S (or anyone involved in the medical treatment of you as a patient) seeking damages or compensation except for what is provided by Danish Law, including the Danish Law on Patients Compensation.


All non-EU surgery/invasive procedure patients have to pay an insurance fee of 30.000 dkk on top of the surgery price. Please be aware that this is applicable for both private patients as well as patients with a health care insurance.

Norway is not part of the EU, but since Norway's legislation regarding patient reimbursement is very similar to the Danish one, Norway is perceived in this context as an EU country.

The EU includes the following countries:


June 2023