The general compass of Private Hospital Molholm


We wish to be the best private hospital in Northern Europe measured on patient and customer satisfaction.



We are the attractive private treatment alternative, providing quick access to highly competent specialist medical practitioners and other specialists.

We exist to serve our patients and, therefore, our patients are the natural pivotal points in everything we do. Through close dialogue and closeness with our patients and their relatives, we provide responsible and safe treatment combined with a high-quality experience.


Our five values

  1. We prioritise the health of our patients above all else in everything we do
  2. We take responsibility for our patients and their relatives – also across our areas of professional expertise
  3. We are professionally skilled and must be continuously challenged and developed
  4. We provide our patients with a high-level, individual service, are friendly and welcoming
  5. We are attentive and decent in what we do and in how we treat our patients and each other