General information on CT scanning

CT scanning is a computer-controlled X-ray examination


The images are more detailed than at ordinary X-ray examinations and may subsequently be reconstructed to appear three-dimensional and from multiple angles.

The radiation dose for CT is higher than for regular X-rays, but the staff of the CT Clinic has special knowledge which means that you get the best possible scan with as low a radiation dose as possible.


Prior to your CT scan

If there are special preparations for the scan, this will appear from your admission letter.

For some scans, contrast will be injected through a vein in your arm.

In the hour before the scan, you should drink one litre of water.

Blood sample 

If you are to be injected with contrast, we need a blood sample that measures the function of your kidneys. If you have normal kidney function, the blood sample should have been taken within the three months prior to the examination. If you have impaired kidney function, the blood test must be no more than eight days old. If you have not had the blood sample taken at Private Hospital Molholm, you must have the blood sample taken either by your own general medical practitioner or at the nearest hospital.


During your CT scan 

The scan may take from 5 to 20 minutes depending on what part of your body you are to have scanned.

During the examination, you will lie on your back on a bed and you will be asked to put your arms above your head.

The opening of the scanner is approximately 70 cm wide and, therefore, there is plenty of space around you. Most of your body will be outside the scanner.

The bed will move slightly back and forth in the scanner and you will be asked to hold your breath at intervals of 10-20 seconds.

It is important to remain motionless during the scan.

If you are to be injected with contrast, you may feel as a heat in your body and some people experience a metallic taste.

Otherwise, the scan itself is not associated with any kind of discomfort.


After your scan 

If you have been injected with contrast, you must wait in the seating area for 30 minutes after the scan but there are no other precautions.

The medical practitioner who referred to you for the scan will receive the result of the examination.

Specialists and practitioners

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