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Neurology comprises illnesses of both the central nervous system as the peripheral nervous system

Examples of neurological illnesses are: 

  • blood clot in the brain and possibly later symptoms 
  • migraine and other types of headaches 
  • neuritis 
  • Parkinson's disease 
  • multiple sclerosis 
  • epilepsy 
  • certain pain disorders (e.g. facial pains, pains in arms and legs which are not attributable to fractures or the like) 
  • and various mobility and walking disabilities 

Nervous system disorders are often difficult to diagnose and treat. A neurological examination with us will, therefore, generally be comprehensive and time-consuming and will often include supplemental studies in the form of X-ray examinations, laboratory tests and examination of the spinal fluid. At Private Hospital Molholm in Vejle, an MRI scan is offered in connection with the investigation. Moreover, referral to CT scanning may be made. 


Although a neurological examination does not always lead to a diagnosis, one can often exclude serious conditions during the study. In most cases, a treatment program can be initiated. The neurological examinations are performed ambulatory. If there is a need for admission, it can be offered at Private Hospital Molholm in Vejle.


Although a neurological examination does not always lead to a diagnosis, an examination can often rule out serious conditions. In most cases, a treatment programme can be commenced. The neurological examinations are carried out on an outpatient basis. If hospitalisation is required, an admission to the Private Hospital Molholm in Vejle may be arranged. 

As one of only a few Danish private hospitals, the Neurological Clinic offer to carry out the entire investigation in one location, although not necessarily on the same day, as some examinations require a result of an analysis before the next step.


Our neurological preliminary examinations are performed in both Vejle and Aarhus / Højbjerg.


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Specialists and practitioners
Marianne Kirkegaard
Marianne Kirkegaard
Head of Department, M.D, Specialist in General, Neurology
Jørgen Rask Sønderborg
Jørgen Rask Sønderborg
Head of Department, M.D, Specialist in General, Clinical neurophysiology
Tatsiana Zarouskaya
Tatsiana Zarouskaya
Specialist in General, Neurology
Jesper Egede Andersen
Jesper Egede Andersen
M.D, Cand. Psych., Specialist in Neuropsychology,

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