An MRI scan is the best and most precise way of ascertaining illnesses of the body

MRI is short for magnetic resonance imaging and is a diagnostic method in which a very strong magnetic field and radio waves are used. The magnetic field and the radio waves are entirely harmless to your body and, therefore, the MRI scan has no side effects. 


How does an MRI scanner work?

Magnetic resonance makes it possible to record images of the body in any direction, thus creating a three-dimensional image of the area being examined. The radiographer ensures that the images produced by the MRI scan are optimum by adjusting various parameters in relation to the area being examined, e.g. the angle of the magnetic field. It is possible to examine the entire body, but only one area at a time, e.g. the brain, the neck area, the back, a joint, the liver or other organs. 

The MRI Clinic at Private Hospital Molholm is staffed by very experienced radiographers and radiologists - who offer MRI scans WITHOUT waiting times.


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