What is X-ray?

An X-ray examination uses X-rays which are invisible electromagnetic rays of a short wavelength.


When an X-ray image is recorded, the X-rays are transmitted through the patient to a photographic film. When the X-rays strike the photographic film, it is coloured different shades of black, depending on how much of the radiation has been absorbed by the body's tissue along the way.
The hard, dense bone tissue absorbs a lot of radiation and therefore appears as white shadows on the photographic film.

In principle, X-ray images may be used to display all parts/tissues of the body but are mainly used to display bones.


In any X-ray examination, we endeavour to reach a diagnosis using the least possible radiation dose.

Private Hospital Molholm offers X-ray examinations without waiting time, however,  prior to carrying out an X-ray examination, we need a referral from a medical practitioner.


Feel free to contact us for further information.

Specialists and practitioners

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Dorthe Møller
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Ela Saganowska Sørensen
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Trine Winberg Povelsen
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Ragnhild Iversen
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Marlene Kirkeskov Skals
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Heba Abou-Khamis
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Kirsten Christensen
Intensive Care and Radiology Nurse
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