Are you severely bothered by facial redness, facial sweating or sweaty hands?

Many consider pronounced facial redness and sweaty hands a significant issue.

It may be very difficult to speak about the issue, even with close relatives and friends. Many experience that the issues become worse as time goes by.
Your hands often become dripping wet. Your facial redness means that your face suddenly takes on a pronounced red colour. It is an abrupt and unanticipated occurrence in situations which are really not uncomfortable. These issues can lead to social isolation and adversely affect both education and work.


Private Hospital Molholm offers an out-patient preliminary examination prior to possible surgery. The surgical intervention, including the risk of side effects and complications, is discussed at the preliminary examination and is performed by the same specialist and other staff throughout the treatment. 

Our specialist medical practitioner has significant experience, having performed more than 1000 ETS procedures (endoscopic thoracic sympathomies) and has endoscopic surgery as his specialist interest area.


Feel free to contact us for further information.

Specialists and practitioners

Billede af Lars Ladegaard
Lars Ladegaard
Head of Department, M.D, Specialist in General, Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery
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