Nose and sinus

The ear, nose and throat specialist medical practitioners of Private Hospital Molholm in Aarhus provide treatment at the highest national level for all benign disorders within this specialist area. 

The specialty is offered in: Vejle Aarhus
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Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic

The affiliated chief medical practitioners have significant experience from several of Denmark's largest and most renowned otorhinolaryngologic departments. 


All chief medical practitioners have made extensive scientific publications and continue to participate in research projects within the specialist area. They teach at courses for specialist medical practitioners and have, or have had, seats on professional boards. All chief medical practitioners regularly participate in relevant national and international courses and conventions. 

Please also study the brief CVs given at each photo at the bottom of this page.

Preliminary examinations, surgery and check-ups are carried out at Private Hospital Molholm in Aarhus and you are always attended to by the same medical practitioner. Certain preliminary examinations and check-ups are carried out at Private Hospital Molholm in Vejle.

Two trained audiology assistants are affiliated with the Clinic, and modern, certified and calibrated audiological equipment is used. 

The specialist area also has four permanent nurses with relevant competences and significant experience in patient management, and also very competent, experienced and service-minded medical secretaries. The Clinic collaborates closely with the Anaesthetic function of the Private Hospital, which has four permanently affiliated chief medical practitioners as well as a number of nurses. 

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You can be examined and treated in:

Vejle Aarhus

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