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Shoulder and elbow surgery

Treatment for shoulder and elbow diseases or injuries includes shoulder and elbow surgery (bones, joints, muscles, tendons, nerves, etc.). With the modern therapies and technologies available at Private Hospital Molholm has at its disposal, it is now possible to treat many more shoulder and elbow diseases and injuries than was possible just a few years ago.


The specialist medical practitioners at Private Hospital Molholm offer most forms of shoulder and elbow surgery comprising:

  • Treatment of shoulder and elbow pain due to injury or strain
  • Unstable or rigid shoulders and elbows
  • fractures or their consequences
  • and shoulder joint replacement

The above are investigated and treated by means of e.g. endoscopic techniques or minimally-invasive technologies. Our Hospital has new and advanced equipment for endoscopy of the shoulder and elbow joints. Increasingly more surgery is carried out during short admissions or on an outpatient basis. As soon as possible after your surgery, your rehabilitation begins with the physiotherapists at Private Hospital Molholm and continues post-discharge in collaboration with your own general medical practitioner and your local hospital.


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Specialists and practitioners
Hans Viggo Johannsen
Hans Viggo Johannsen
Head of Department, M.D, Associate Professor, Specialist in General, Orthopedic Surgery
Janne Ovesen
Janne Ovesen
Head of Department, M.D, PhD, Specialist in General, Orthopedic Surgery
Theis Muncholm Thillemann
Theis Muncholm Thillemann

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