What is ultrasound scanning?

Ultrasound scanning is a harmless examination during which your body's organs are displayed using soundwaves.

It is also possible to extract a tissue sample using a fine needle and, e.g. inject adrenal cortical hormone with the guidance of ultrasound. This ensures great precision.

Ultrasound cannot pass through air, so this method of examination is not the first choice when the intestine or lungs require examination.

Ultrasound scanning is a very patient-friendly method of examination. The examination typically takes 10-20 minutes. And in most cases, you get the result of the examination straight away.

Ultrasound scanning at Private Hospital Molholm, is carried out by Chris Vagn-Hansen, chief medical practitioner and specialist medical practitioner of diagnostic radiology, and Lars Peter Skovgaard Larsen, chief medical practitioner and diagnostic radiology specialist.


Ultrasound scanning is carried out without waiting times at Private Hospital Molholm in Vejle and Aarhus.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

Specialists and practitioners

Billede af Chris Vagn-Hansen
Chris Vagn-Hansen
M.D, Specialist in General, Diagnostic Radiology
Billede af Lars Peter Skovgaard Larsen
Lars Peter Skovgaard Larsen
M.D, Specialist in General, Diagnostic Radiology
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