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Welcome to the Bariatric Center at Private Hospital Molholm

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Bariatric Center at Private Hospital Molholm helps patients with morbid obesity, a serious health condition with greater risk for illnesses including diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, heart diseases and low quality of live.


Bariatric Center Private Hospital Molholm has helped more than 5000 patients with morbid obesity performing bariatric surgery by minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, which causes short in hospital stay and convalescent.


Our aim is to provide safe and efficient treatment without waiting time. Weight loss before surgery is not a requirement but based on an individual assessment.

Working with our bariatric team, you will choose a surgery option that is right for you.


We offer the following bariatric procedures

LaparosCopiC Gastric Bypass


LaparosCopic Gastric Sleeve


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Jens Fromholt Larsen
Jens Fromholt Larsen
Head of Department, M.D, PhD, Specialist in General, Upper Gastrointestinal, and Bariatric Surgery
Kirsten Buhl
Kirsten Buhl

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