Clinical neurophysiology comprises a number of electric methods of measurements for use in the investigation of brain disease and diseases of the spinal cord as well as the nerves which transmit from the spinal cord to the muscles and the skin. Moreover, by applying neurophysiological measurements, you can measure the electrical activity in muscles and ascertain whether they show indications of muscle inflammation or indications of diseases of the contact between nerves and muscles.

These examinations are booked in collaboration with a medical practitioner.

The specialty is offered in: Vejle Aarhus
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EEG, ENG, EMG, SSEP and VEP examinations

We presently offers the following neurophysiological examinations

  • EEG (electroencephalography)

    This neurophysiological examination measures the electrical fluctuations in the brain. During the examination, video recordings are made to register seizures or involuntary movements. This examination is used for the investigation of e.g. epilepsy.
  • ENG (electroneurography)

    Neurophysiological examination of one or more nerve paths of the arms and/or legs. This examination is primarily used to diagnose pinching of nerves as well as  "neuritis".
    This examination is performed in both Vejle and Aarhus / Højbjerg.
  • SSEP (somatosensory-evoked potentials)

    Neurophysiological examination of the sensory pathways from arms and legs through their nervous system to the central nervous system. This examination is used in connection with suspected lesions to the connections of the sensory pathways of the brain and spinal cord.
  • VEP (visual-evoked potentials)

    Neurophysiological examination of the visual sensory pathways and their connection to the visual centre in the brain. This examination is used in connection with suspected lesions to the connections of the visual pathways of the brain.

The above examinations are carried out by an assistant neurophysiologist and then assessed by a specialist medical practitioner of neurophysiology.

  • EMG (electromyography)

    Examination of the electrical activity in muscles. This makes it possible to ascertain whether the nerve activity in a specific muscle is affected and whether this is due to an inflammation of the muscle. In addition to the EMG, it may be necessary to carry out an examination of the nerve pathways, an ENG (see above).
    This examination is carried out by a specialist medical practitioner of neurophysiology in both Vejle and Aarhus/Højbjerg.

On completed examination and assessment, the result is sent to the referring medical practitioner.

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