Guidance on sedation (anaesthesia)

Private Hospital Molholm uses the most secure anaesthetics, including targeted, ultrasound-guided nerve blocks.

The sedation does not cause nausea. This means that you can get going quite soon after completed surgery. 

Prior to surgery, and in collaboration with you, the anaesthetist will select the anaesthesia which is best suited for your type of surgery.


Learn more about guidance, on e.g. fasting and children and anaesthesia under the heading patient information


If you develop a temperature, a cold, or the like, a few days prior to planned surgery/examination, please contact Private Hospital Molholm on telephone number +45 87 20 30 40.

Specialists and practitioners

Billede af Kristian Rønsholt Martinsen
Kristian Rønsholt Martinsen
Head of Department, M.D, Specialist in General, Anaestesiology
Billede af Jan Asmussen
Jan Asmussen
M.D, Specialist in General, Anaestesiology
Billede af Søren Pedersen
Søren Pedersen
Specialist in General, Anaestesiology
Tom billedramme
Christian Jessen
M.D, Specialist in General, Anaestesiology
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