Pain / interdisciplinary (Allévia)

Allévia Multi-disciplinary Pain Clinic is a private pain management clinic with regional functions comprising specialist medical practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and a medical social worker who collaborate to improve the everyday lives of people suffering from chronic pains.


We offer pain management to people suffering from chronic pains such as neuropathic pains, arthritic pains and pains in the musculoskeletal system, organ pains and back pains.

Learn to alleviate your pains - our goal is better quality of life.

We have a short waiting time

Allévia is included in the extended, free choice of hospitals, which means that if you have to wait for more than four weeks for treatment at a public hospital, you may elect to request a referral to us.


You find us in both Vejle and Aarhus/Højbjerg.


Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Specialists and practitioners

Billede af Lise Schlünzen
Lise Schlünzen
Head of Department, Specialist in General, Anaestesiology
Billede af Markku Vuorela
Markku Vuorela
M.D, Specialist in General, Anaestesiology
Billede af Eva Lund Bertelsen
Eva Lund Bertelsen
Tom billedramme
Peter Gaarsdal Uhrbrand
Doctor, Allévia
Billede af Birgit Kirk-Thomsen Hessellund
Birgit Kirk-Thomsen Hessellund
Pain nurse, Allévia
Tom billedramme
Julie Emborg
Phsychologist, Pain Management Specialist, Allévia
Billede af Lene Marie Skov
Lene Marie Skov
Social worker, Allévia
Billede af Maria Balslev Larsen
Maria Balslev Larsen
Physiotherapist, Allévia
Billede af Anne Vilstrup Sørensen
Anne Vilstrup Sørensen
Physiotherapist, Allévia
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