The Eye Clinic - Ophthalmology

Eye examinations, eye surgery for cataracts and lens implantations


At the Eye Clinic, Private Hospital Molholm, Vejle, the following eye examinations and eye surgery are carried out:

  • General eye examinations
  • Paediatric eye examinations
  • Eye surgery
    • Cataract
    • Changes to the corneal surface, 
    • Pterygium or surfer's eye,
    • Hordeolum or sty 
    • Lens implantations for short-sightedness and long-sightedness.
    • Laser treatment for secondary cataract
    • Preventative glaucoma laser treatment (iridotomy)
    • Misaligned eyelids
  • Specialist medical certificates
  • Ophthalmologist medical certificate

Eye surgery requires a careful preliminary examination. Glasses must be brought to the preliminary examination and, due to eye drops being applied, operating a vehicle immediately after the preliminary examination is inadvisable. In connection with an examination/surgery for cataract, short-sightedness or long-sightedness, please refrain from using contact lenses for the three days prior to the examination. 


On the conclusion of the examination, you will receive a full explanation of the status of your eyes to provide you with a proper basis for deciding on treatment and possibly surgery. 


General observations on eye surgery

The majority of eye surgery is carried out using local anaesthetics which means that you can return home immediately after the surgery, although staying the night at Private Hospital Molholm remains an option. When undergoing surgery, expect spending a couple of hours at Private Hospital Molholm.


Feel free to contact us for further information.

Specialists and practitioners

Billede af Hanne Olsen Julian
Hanne Olsen Julian
M.D, PhD, Head of Department, Specialist in General, Ophthalmology
Billede af Kim Julian
Kim Julian
Specialist in General, Ophthalmology
Tom billedramme
Lene Hansen
Specialist in General, Ophthalmology
Billede af Malene Hansen
Malene Hansen
Yes, please, I would like to be contacted regarding booking an appointment.
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