Brummersvej, 7100 Vejle

When you arrive at Brummersvej in Vejle - and return home...

General map of the Vejle hospital area

We ask that, on arrival, you always check in with RECEPTION, Brummersvej 1 so that we may note your arrival. 

You find the RECEPTION by the tall tower, entrance 1A.


Please read your admission letter prior to arrival

Some examinations are referred directly to our premises at Brummersvej 10, in these instances, please do not feel you need to check in with RECEPTION at No 1A. We recommended that mobility-impaired guests park at the back of Brummersvej 10 and use the back entrance as this has no stairs.


You find FREE parking at the main building at Brummersvej 1, as well as at Nos 2, 7 and 10. 


When returning home

When exiting Brummersvej, it may be tricky to find the left turn for Fredericia. 

A trick is to take a right first and then take a left onto the parking lot on the opposite side as indicated by the broken red line below.



Thank you for visiting us.

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