The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme

A hospital in continuous improvement

Since it was established nearly 25 years ago, Private Hospital Molholm has given quality treatment the pride of place. For this reason, we also participated in developing The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme (DDKM) which tests and accredits all Danish private hospitals and clinics and we were subsequently amongst the first four hospitals who, in 2010, were accredited according to DDKM. As the only one of these four hospitals, Private Hospital Molholm was immediately accredited without comments. We continue to be a hospital which is continuously improving which provides safe treatment and examinations to the satisfaction of our patients.

We are therefore proud to, once more, having been accredited - and this time with the best results ever achieved by a hospital or private hospital in Denmark. 


IKAS' conclusion after the external survey carried out on 15 marts 2017 states:

"Private Hospital Molholm presents itself as a hospital with clear and focused goals and strategies. It is characterised by a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. Everyone feels responsible for getting the job done, we saw teamwork and the mantra - the patient at the centre – applies here. Objectives are set and these are pursued and assessed, and action plans are developed. All available data is used for development and improvement. Key phrases such as quality, security and trust – exist within this organisation and are resounded by the patients interviewed. All 192 indicators are met”.

The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme 

DDKM is a national quality accreditation programme which is to ensure and develop good quality throughout the Danish healthcare system.

The certificate is our proof that we live up to national requirements for quality assurance, quality improvement and monitoring. The quality assurance certificate is renewed with new accreditations every third year. Private Hospital Molholm's new accreditation status applies from 2 February 2017 to 29 March 2020. Accreditation status has been extended to April 30, 2021.


Uniform quality

The purpose of DDKM is to create a systematic quality effort - across wards and hospitals. 


This is to ensure:

  • A high degree of patient security and cohesive patient care.
  • The same uniform high quality and high degree of professionalism regardless of where in the healthcare system the patient finds himself
  • Ongoing training and quality improvement, so as to learn from any mistakes made
  • More transparent quality in the healthcare system