Practical information FAQ's Ganz - UK
Denne behandling tilbydes i: Vejle

Practical information FAQ's Ganz - UK

Practical Information regarding your stay in Denmark with reference to the Ganz operation - FAQ's


Re your stay in Denmark

You or your insurance company or "Landstinget" if you are from Sweden, are responsible for booking hotels and flights for your stay in Denmark.


You will need to have a family member or a friend to accompany you during your stay in Denmark, a person who can help you when you are discharged from Privathospitalet Mølholm.


Re accommodation

Please check in at the hotel the day before your operation, as on the day of surgery you need to be at the Privathospital Mølholm for blood test (unless agreed otherwise).


After surgery you will be admitted to Privathospitalet Mølholm for one day after which you will be discharged to your hotel where you must remain the following 4-5 days before you can return home.


Relatives/friend will stay overnight in the hotel.


As you have just had surgery, it is essential to book a handicap-friendly room. lf the hotel has stairs it is also essential that the hotel has a lift.


Walking distance between the centre of Vejle and Privathospitalet Mølholm is approximately 30 minutes.


On the day of operation

You will meet at Privathospitalet Mølholm for blood tests. Depending on the time of surgery you may return to your hotel, this can be arranged with the staff after your have had your blood tests.


Your relative/friend can buy meals at Privathospitalet Mølholm during your stay in hospital, lunch to be ordered by 09.00 am, dinner by 12.30 pm with the ward nurse.


Disability aids

For the duration of your stay, you may borrow what you aids you need from Privathospitalet Mølholm, but you must bring your own crutches.


Journey home

We recommend a wheelchair is booked for your transportation within the airport and to the gate. We also recommend that a seat with extra legroom is booked on the plane.


After surgery

X-rays to be taken of your hip six weeks after surgery, this will be arranged by the referring physician / GP. The X-rays to be mailed to Kjeld Søballe.


Accommodation close to Privathospitalet Mølholm in Vejle

The following hotels offer a 10% discount if you are patient or relative of a patient. 

You may be asked to provide documentation. Here you can use your booking confirmation.



We strongly recommend that

Accommodation is booked in a handicap-friendly hotel with a lift if stairs connect different leve Is the hotel must offer facilities where meals are served


For additional information about Vejle, go to


The Ganz brochure forwarded earlier will give you extended practical information about the operation.


Best regards,

Operating Staff

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Claus Varnum
Claus Varnum
Dr.Sci, PhD, Specialist in General, Orthopaedic surgery
Bent Lund
Bent Lund
Head of Department, M.D, Specialist in General, Orthopedic Surgery
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Mathias Bjerring Ho
Specialist in General, Orthopaedic surgery, Hip arthroscopy
Peter Hvidbak Revald
Peter Hvidbak Revald
Specialist in General, Orthopaedic surgery

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