In 1992, Private Hospital Molholm was established in Vejle as one of the first private hospitals in Denmark. Private Hospital Molholm is located on a scenic hill overlooking the city of Vejle – 30 min. from Billund International Airport. The hospital is staffed by some of Denmark’s finest and most experienced physicians and specialists, who stand ready to attend to you in a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful surroundings.

About Private Hospital Molholm

Private Hospital Molholm is based in Vejle, but also has hospital facilities in Aarhus.

With us, you will always be able to get quick access to a wide range of specialist health care services, and all our employees are friendly and attentive to your needs.


We think holistically in terms of your health and help you get the treatment, discretion and care that you have a fundamental right to.


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Private Hospital Molholm in brief

  • Established in 1992
  • A wide range of more than 30 specialist areas
  • 200 staff, 36 clinic owners
  • 30,000 consultations every year
  • 5,500 surgeries every year

A brief historical overview from establishment to today

  • 1992 Private Hospital Molholm is established in autumn and the first surgery takes place in January 1993.
  • 1994 The owners comprise a number of medical specialists who work at the hospital. This results in great engagement and short lines of decision-making.
  • 1996 Part of the lower floor of the main building at Brummersvej 1 is converted into recovery, operating theatres and out-patient departments.
  • 1997 The hospital expands, establishing a clinic in Risskov near Aarhus, where dermatological and laser treatments are carried out as well as preliminary examinations relating to the hospital's other specialist areas.
  • 1998 We expand once more - once again, we need more beds.
  • 1999 The remainder of the lower floor of Brummersvej 1 is converted into recovery, operating theatres and out-patient departments.
  • 2000 We are the first in Denmark to use a private MR scanner.
  • 2002 We have growing pains - and buy the property at Brummersvej 7. Here, we establish our organ- and obesity Clinic.
  • 2009 New surgical department with five entirely new and modern operating theatres, of which two have laminar, sterile airflow; a new in-patient building with four new, modern patient rooms (single or double rooms) is put into service after the summer holidays. A new and advanced MR scanner is added to the diagnostic imaging area and is put into service, which means that the hospital now has two scanners - as well as a new reception area and waiting room.
  • 2014 Private Hospital Molholm acquires the activities of the private hospital Ciconia Aarhus Privathospital as of 1 December. This acquisition strengthens and expands the market share of Private Hospital Molholm in Aarhus and consolidates its position as one of Denmark's leading private hospitals.
    By opening a new branch of Private Hospital Molholm in Aarhus, a larger customer base is achieved. "This means that we will be able to use our capacity in both Vejle and Aarhus much better. This makes attracting and retaining the best medical specialists in their various professional areas much easier," says the then Chief Medical Practitioner, Peter Bjerring.