Pain management by specialist medical practitioner

Pain is the most common reason why patients see their general medical practitioner

20% of the population experience constant strong pains and take pain medication on a daily basis. Often, the prescribed medication does not work well or has side effects. Many have tried very many different types of pain management without the pain having diminished. Something can be done about that.

Different pains should not be treated in the same way 

Treating pains as early on as possible is preferable, but the pain specialist can make a positive change - even in pains that have lasted several years - and even when it is impossible to  completely remove the pain. Pains can reduce fitness for work, it may be the cause of feelings of dejection and poor sleep. Many pain patients no longer enjoy the social life they so desperately want. Even in the case of complex pain, there are treatment options. We have various ways of managing pain.

During a consultation with our pain specialist at Private Hospital Molholm, you will receive more detailed and guidance on your options for optimum pain management.


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